Vacation home (sleeps 14) located at 1605 Lybrand Street on Edisto Island in South Carolina, USA


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The Design Inspiration for Slowpoke…

Since the house has four bedrooms, and sits by the sea, it seemed like the perfect notion to honor the four elements earth, sky, sun and sea. And this is just what has been recently done here at Slowpoke.

You'll notice that we painted each of the bedrooms a color to represent an element. While here at Edisto Island, you can't help but notice and admire these elements. We hope you'll enjoy a breathtaking sunset or sunrise and enjoy all four at one time.

There is a sun bedroom, painted Lemongrass yellow, a sea bedroom, painted Santa Clara blue, an earth bedroom painted Pleasant Grove green and a sky bedroom painted Hawaiian Breeze blue. Perhaps the bedroom you chose says something about your personality! We hope you will think of the elements as you stay in these rooms. The main rooms are currently a neutral color of sand. All of the trim and bathrooms is painted "seashell" to honor the shells we find along the beach. These shells temporarily created homes for sea animals, and we are creating a temporary home for you during your stay here by the sea.

Our plan is to paint the exterior Ballet Slippers pink. Pink represents love, the inside of a seashell.

All of the accessories (bedding, furniture, artwork, seashells, etc.) have been carefully selected to honor these elements as well, especially those depicting all four at one time. Several of these were inherited from Aunt Fannie herself. We hope you'll be respectful of all the time and thought that went into these and treat them with the same care as you would the pieces in your own home.

Please also visit Christine's website to see more of her work at

Thank you for spending your time here at Edisto Island at Slowpoke. We hope she helps you to slow down and enjoy a holiday surrounded by the elements of the earth! And we hope you will come back to see the layers we add over time and the evolution of Slowpoke.

“Whether guided by a divine intelligence...or simply informed by their own intuition, Kudra and Alobar devised...a program based upon the four elements: air, water, earth and fire”

-Tom Robbins, Jitterbug Perfume

Vacation home (sleeps 14) located at 1605 Lybrand Street on Edisto Island in South Carolina, USA

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