Vacation home (sleeps 14) located at 1605 Lybrand Street on Edisto Island in South Carolina, USA


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History of "Slow Poke" and Edisto Island

The history of Slowpoke is very interesting. The house was built by "Aunt Fannie" and her family in 1972 as their summer home. Their primary residence was a farm in Saint George South Carolina. Her nickname was "Slow Poke" since she moved so slowly.

In 2005, following Aunt Fannie's passing, the house was sold to Wells Black and his family, who currently have a summer home around the corner from Slowpoke. We purchased it from Mr. Black in May of 2006.

Aunt Fannie had many surviving children and grandchildren who must have many fond memories of Slowpoke. We hope you will too!

We are slowly learning about Edisto Island and have lots more to learn as we vacation here with our family. What we've learned so far is that the Island is 1/3 State Park, 1/3 "Miss Pepper's Plantation" and 1/3 "town" (retail shops and restaurants). The Seabrook family owned most of the Island until 1927.

Today the island contains a public golf course (Fairfield) that is being completely renovated and is just down the street from Slowpoke. There are also many activities to check out such as plantation tours, bicycle and boogie board rentals, beachcombing island tours, fishing, canoe and kayak rentals, and art gallery receptions.

There are seven restaurants that we know of so far: Sunset, The Pavilion (contains "Cootz" bar), Dockside, Whaley's, Waterfront, a pizza place and The Old Post Office-a five star restaurant just down the road a bit for a more elegant night out.

What we loved about Edisto Island compared to other places we have vacationed is that it seems to be (and the owners seem to want it to stay this way), very laid back. We were told that one way the current owners plan to keep it this way is that commercial property is rare on the island-and residential property can not be built on or used for commercial space-so the Island will not be overtaken by large chains (which is good because we've got plenty of them everywhere else).

Once again, we hope you enjoy your stay in Aunt Fannie's original digs.

Vacation home (sleeps 14) located at 1605 Lybrand Street on Edisto Island in South Carolina, USA

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